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Weather widget for website (WordPress and Other CMS)

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We believe you like our website and you want to help visitors of your website to see the weather. We tried to make our informers as easy to configure as possible. Our Weather Widget will easily fit into the design of your website or blog.

Give it a try! It's absolutely free!

Widget Settings:



Text Color

The widget uses graphics by default to display the weather.

  • The Weather condition will be shown with an icon
  • The background automatically adjusts to the weather conditions (Rain, Snow, Sun, etc.)

If this format doesn't fit into your design , just disable "Use graphics" and adjust your colors and don't use graphics ..

Your Widget will look like:

Get Widget Code

Click the "Get a Code" button and paste on your website

How to install Weather widget to WordPress

The process of installation is straightforward. Only 1 steps:

  1. Chose your city and Play with the settings on the left side.
    Try to optimise your weather widget's looks to your website design. Please note: there are two types of widgets with and without graphics. The graphics are adoptive to weather and the widget's background will be changed every time when the weather has been changed
  2. Copy and paste the copy to the widget's area.
    For example, for WordPress, you can add a widget in the sidebar or footer by adding an HTML widget block to the relevant widget area.

Here is example how your widget may look like

example of weather widget for website with nature background

The nature background will be automatically adapted to the current weather in your city. It means there will be sunny nature if it's a sunny day and rain if there is any rain. The widget has ten different states of the weather. Also, you can turn the graphics off and there will be a weather informer with simple colors you can adopt to your website design.