Rain Radar Lexington

Wind: 11 mph,  E,N-E, Pressure: 30.67 inches, Humidity: 76-78%
Overnight - - -
Morning - - -
Afternoon +18°F Mainly Cloudy
Evening +14°F Light Snow
Wind: 7 mph,  S,S-W, Pressure: 30.55 inches, Humidity: 75-77%
Overnight +7°F Light Cloud
Morning +21°F Cloud
Afternoon +21°F Clear Sky
Evening +21°F Light Cloud
Wind: 13 mph,  S-W, Pressure: 30.16 inches, Humidity: 82-84%
Overnight +21°F Snow
Morning +27°F Snow
Afternoon +30°F Snow and Rain
Evening +30°F Rain
Wind: 11 mph,  S,S-W, Pressure: 30.08 inches, Humidity: 94-96%
Overnight +28°F Snow and Rain
Morning +34°F Rain
Afternoon +34°F Occasional Showers
Evening +34°F Snow and Rain
Wind: 11 mph,  N, Pressure: 30.08 inches, Humidity: 98-100%
Overnight +21°F Snow
Morning +27°F Snow
Afternoon +36°F Rain
Evening +34°F Rain

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