Palana Climate in Weather Forecast May 2021

The next year May

It's too early to make the weather forecast for May 2022 in Palana but according to our statistic of the last 5 years and the current tendency of Palana weather you can expect: Daily Temperature about +17°C, Nightly Temperature about +9°C and 8 rainy days

Archive: the last weather observation in Palana

Here is Palana weather summury for May 2021 (the current year)

Average Daytime Temperature +17°C
Average Nightly Temperature +9°C
Average Monthly Temperature +13°C
Clear Sky vs Cloudiness Occasionaly cloudy
Rainy Days(Occasional Showers Included) 8
Maximum Temperature +24°C (Afternoon, 1st May)
Minimum Temperature +3°C (Overnight, 30th May)

Palana Day by Day Weather in May 2021.

01.05.2021, Sat
Wind: 2-3 m/s,  N,N-W, Pressure: 1029-1021 hPa, Humidity: 40-42%
Overnight +9°C Cloud
Morning +12°C Cloud
Afternoon +22°C Light Cloud
Evening +13°C Light Cloud
02.05.2021, Sun
Wind: 2-3 m/s,  N, Pressure: 1027-1019 hPa, Humidity: 78-80%
Overnight +12°C Mainly Cloudy
Morning +12°C Light Cloud
Afternoon +16°C Cloud
Evening +15°C Cloud

Monthly Summary and Statistics for the Month of 2019

Weather Archive for May 2019

  • Average Daily Temperature+16°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+10°C
  • Maximum Temperature+20°C
  • Minimum Temperature+9°C
  • Rainy days3

Monthly Summary and Statistics for the Month of 2018

Weather Archive for May 2018

  • Average Daily Temperature+14°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+9°C
  • Maximum Temperature+19°C
  • Minimum Temperature+1°C
  • Rainy days10

Monthly Summary and Statistics for the Month of 2017

Weather Archive for May 2017

  • Average Daily Temperature+15°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+9°C
  • Maximum Temperature+23°C
  • Minimum Temperature+4°C
  • Rainy days7

Monthly Summary and Statistics for the Month of 2016

Weather Archive for May 2016

  • Average Daily Temperature+18°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+18°C
  • Maximum Temperature+21°C
  • Minimum Temperature+14°C
  • Rainy days23

Monthly Summary and Statistics for the Month of 2015

Weather Archive for May 2015

  • Average Daily Temperature+17°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+17°C
  • Maximum Temperature+19°C
  • Minimum Temperature+9°C
  • Rainy days14

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