Campbelltown Weather Forecast April 2022

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It's too early to make the weather forecast for April 2023 in Campbelltown but according to our statistic of the last 5 years and the current tendency of Campbelltown weather you can expect: Daily Temperature about +24°C, Nightly Temperature about +18°C and 10 rainy days

Archive: the last weather observation in Campbelltown

Here is Campbelltown weather summary for April 2022 (the current year)

Average Daytime Temperature +24°C
Average Nightly Temperature +18°C
Average Monthly Temperature +21°C
Clear Sky vs Cloudiness Occasional cloudy
Rainy Days(Occasional Showers Included) 10
Maximum Temperature +31°C (Afternoon, 10th April)
Minimum Temperature +12°C (Overnight, 23rd April)

Campbelltown Day by Day Weather in April 2022.

01.04.2022, Fri
Wind: 6-7 m/s,  S-E, Pressure: 1031-1023 hPa, Humidity: 36-38%
Overnight +12°C Clear Sky
Morning +16°C Clear Sky
Afternoon +20°C Clear Sky
Evening +19°C Clear Sky
02.04.2022, Sat
Wind: 5-6 m/s,  S-E, Pressure: 1027-1019 hPa, Humidity: 38-40%
Overnight +12°C Light Cloud
Morning +15°C Occasional Showers
Afternoon +20°C Clear Sky
Evening +19°C Light Cloud
03.04.2022, Sun
Wind: 4-5 m/s,  S,S-W, Pressure: 1020-1012 hPa, Humidity: 48-50%
Overnight +13°C Occasional Showers
Morning +15°C Light Cloud
Afternoon +20°C Mainly Cloudy
Evening +19°C Cloud

Campbelltown Weather in April FAQ

What was the weather like in April 2021 in Campbelltown?

Weather Archive for April 2021

  • Average Daily Temperature+24°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+17°C
  • Maximum Temperature+30°C
  • Minimum Temperature+10°C
  • Rainy days7

What was the weather like in April 2020 in Campbelltown?

Weather Archive for April 2020

  • Average Daily Temperature+22°C
  • Average Nightly Temperature+17°C
  • Maximum Temperature+27°C
  • Minimum Temperature+13°C
  • Rainy days6

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